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In this blog, I want to demonstrate how some of JavaScript’s newer features can help simplify the often-confusing process of communicating with the server.

To begin, let’s establish a common nomenclature and discuss APIs, AJAX, and fetch API.


In this blog post, I want to briefly discuss an invaluable tool included in the default Rails tool kit for displaying validation errors in web app views: flash messages.

So, what are flash messages in Rails? As per the Ruby on Rails documentation, flash acts as a middleware to pass information between HTTP actions. Furthermore, flash is a method that will save strings, arrays, or hashes in the next full-page reload of a browser.

In other words, Rails provides a rudimentary system (without the introduction of cookies) for passing information between stateless HTTP requests via flash. …

Companies developed on Ruby on Rails (Source: RubyRoidlabs)

For my first blog post, I want to talk about why I want to learn web development front-to-back.

Coming into the Yale x Flatiron web development bootcamp with a bit of theoretical coding experience, it at first seemed intimidating to learn the intricacies of database management, front-end frameworks, and highly abstracted languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. Most of my prior experience consisted of working tediously on C problem sets in college courses, meticulously allocating memory dynamically and trying to wrap my head around abstract data structures. …

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